Welcome to FRT Tapes – Striving to bring affordable performance

Using our in-house developed High Pressure Fibre  Impregnation Technology or HPFIT®, we produce high quality thermoplastic UD tapes with glass, carbon or other fibres.  The essence of UDMAX® Tape performance is, optimal fibre spreading, while keeping a resin-rich surface layer at high fiber contents.  Our products have an excellent fit with applications requiring strength and stiffness and manufacturing processes geared towards mass production.

Working with UDMAX® Tapes, pays off in reducing part and maintenance cost, provides the answer to reclycability needs and opens up the possibility to previously impossible injection solutions. FRT tapes is committed to offer affordable performance, please check out our website for more infomation or  ‘contact us

About us

Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics Tapes (FRT Tapes) is a producer of thermoplastic UD composite tapes, based on proprietary HPFIT® technology. FRT Tapes provides light weight solutions that make economic sense. Products are used in automotive, oil and gas, pressurized vessel and other industry segments.

FRT Tapes was founded in 2012 by Rinus Prins and Gerard de Weerd, after developing a very efficient and versatile method to produce thermoplastic polymer based UD tapes.

Since 2015, the FRT Tapes Offices and production is settled in Lelystad (NL).

Production Capability

  • Capacity: > 2kT/year
  • Tape width available up till 560 mm
  • Roll length available up till 5,000* running meter

*Width dependent

Various Product Forms

  • Slitting capacity from 5 mm – 560 mm
  • Pancake and crosswind capability
  • Cross-plies
  • Fabrics


  • NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015