Oil & Gas

Metal on-shore and off shore pipe, to transport oils and gases are expensive to install and expensive to maintain.  The maximum length is defined by the the truck transporting the pipe, creating a labor intensive installation and the need for for many connectors, with the corresponding increased risk of leaks.  Composite pipe, produced by winding UDMAXTM tape around a thermoplastic liner, offers an easy to install and low maintenance alternative. In addition, composite pipes based on UDMAXTM Tape are often spoolable, allowing long lengths to be installed with a minimum number of connectors. In addition to the installation advantages, corrosion restance is another big advantage of composite pipe solutions over metal.  Over a 10y service, UDMAXTM Tape based composite pipe systems offer a 33% cost saving over traditonal steel.

Storing liquids and gases under pressure, traditionally happens in metal tanks. Converting to wound composite tanks, not only has weight advantages or corrosion benefits, it is also the safer solution. Failure of composite pressurized tanks is far less catastrophic as the metal solution, reducing the risk of explosions as well as injury due shrapnel, to a minimum.