The basics for producing high performance  UD tapes are speading fibre bundles to its individual filaments and fully wetting-out these filaments with polymer.  High Pressure Fibre Impregnation Technology or HPFITTM, the FRT Tapes patented technology to produce high performing thermoplastic UD composite tapes, is efficiently following these basics. The combination of effective fibre spreading and direct melt impregnation, makes it possible to produce tapes with above market standard fibre content while maintaining a resin rich surface layer, as seen in the UDMAXTM tape cross section. UDMAXTM tapes  offer high strength and stiffness as well as  excellent processability, corrosion and fatigue resistant properties.

FRT Tapes has in-house polymer formulation technology and in-line compounding capability. The flexibility of  HPFITTM technology, to process different fibres and polymers in combination with  in-house polymer formulation,  makes for endless possibilities to offer solutions to the customers’ needs

Cross Section of UDMAX™ tape